Impact Report GIC

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce has long championed the strong commitment to sustainability exhibited by its member companies. To lead the way, SwedCham embarked on a project four years ago where we linked arm with a garden community in Bukit Batok (Cosy Garden), a local authority (South West CDC) as well as Bukit Batok’s Grassroot Organisations to launch a unique collaborative initiative, sponsored by 13 Swedish MNCs: The Green Innovation Centre (GIC).

The project was born and built on the wish to make a difference and create impact together. Tulyā Pte Ltd has supported the Green Innovation Center with the impact measurement to estimate and communicate the project's contribution to Singapore and its Green Plan 2030.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the environmental and social impact achieved so far, and to make suggestions for further impact. Five main impact categories were dened at the beginning of the project and outlined in this report:

  1. Garden visit  engagement

  2. Impact from sustainable features

  3. Impact from activities

  4. Recykling drives

  5. Enabling collaborations