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#candid: 100 Perspectives on Gender Equality in Singapore - an unprecedented collection of voices speaking out on the important role of women in society and business. - a SwedCham initiative to celebrate the Year (2021) of the Woman in Singapore.

Mentorship Program 2021

This year, SwedCham was delighted to for the first time launch together with SwedCham member CAPA HR Consulting our first Female cross-industry mentorship program virtually.


SESG stands for Sweden-Singapore, and the initiative brings together Swedish multinational companies based in Singapore with local Singaporean SMEs in an effort to change the way we operate in the community. It is a long-term initiative featuring activities centred around mutual exchange of experiences, knowledge, and opportunities. The aim is to create collective positive impact by enabling new ...

In 2020 the W4W Sounding Board Groups was launched with the intention to focus on individual professional challenges and development goals through monthly per-to-per meetings. Three groups of a maximum 5 people met online or f2f for 8 sessions during 2020. Following the success, the W4W Sounding Board Groups is continuing with the same set-up for 2021.


The awards Swede of the Year and Swedish Company of the Year, aim to recognize initiatives from people and organisations that have made a remarkable footprint in Singapore.

The Issue: The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, including billions of plastic bottles and five billion plastic bags. In Singapore, only 7% of the plastic is recycled. Since plastic does not decompose and is for the most part not recycled, it needs to go somewhere. Sadly, huge amounts of ...