Swedish Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, SwedCham, is a non-profit, non-governmental membership-based organisation representing Swedish businesses in Singapore. Established almost 40 years ago, SwedCham now connects over 500 active members from close to 90 companies across numerous industries

We are a dynamic and innovative platform for knowledge-sharing, business development, and networking. Together with our big fleet of Swedish MNCs and start-ups, we promote innovation, technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and diversity in everything we do. 

We have created a dynamic knowledge sharing network of the Swedish Chambers in the APAC region and we are one of the most active international Chambers in Singapore.

We value our host nation and have created a strong connection to important Singaporean stakeholders through various local outreach initiatives.

For more information about our initiatives visit SESG (link) and 100 Perspectives (link).


Our Mission

SwedCham is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, connected business community between Sweden and Singapore. All members can benefit from the network's extensive knowledge base and opportunity-rich platforms for connecting with like minded professionals in both countries.

As part of Team Sweden, SwedCham joins forces with the Swedish Embassy as well as Business Sweden. to promote success beyond borders.


With a longstanding history of trade between them, Sweden and Singapore have built strong economic foundations rooted in trade, innovation and exchange.

These two small yet mighty nations have impressive track records.  Sweden has one of the highest number of multinational corporations per capita and Singapore boasts one of the world’s most open and competitive economies.

As the two nations continue to create meaningful partnerships based on research, innovation, development, and sustainability efforts, the future potential for this dynamic duo is only growing.

The SwedCham Team




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