Swedish Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, SwedCham, is a non-profit, non-governmental membership-based organization representing Swedish businesses in Singapore. Established almost 40 years ago, SwedCham serves a broad and diverse network of 500+ active members and 85 member companies, ranging from large multinational corporations to SMEs and start-ups from many different industries. Together with our big fleet of Swedish MNCs and start-ups, we promote innovation, technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and diversity in everything we do. Through its activities, SwedCham provides a dynamic and innovative platform for knowledge-sharing, business development, and networking. We are one of the most active international Chambers in Singapore and through our collaboration with SwedCham APAC we have created a dynamic knowledge sharing network of the Swedish Chambers in the region. SwedCham has through various local outreach initiatives created an even stronger connection to important Singaporean stakeholders. For more information about our initiatives visit SESG.


Our Mission

The mission of SwedCham is to promote the interest and the values of the Singapore-based Swedish Business Community. An important part of SwedCham´s objectives has long been to facilitate an exchange of views and information between Swedish and Singaporean companies, including both governmental and non-governmental organisations. This means offering a wide range of opportunities and know how in networking and other skills for Swedish associated business professionals. It also provides platforms for Swedish businesses to connect with corresponding interested parties in Singapore.

The members of SwedCham range from large multinational corporations to SME´s and StartUps. SwedCham is also a part of the export promoting Team Sweden, uniting SwedCham and the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden.



Swedish and Singaporean trade relations date back a long time. Several Swedish Businesses have been present since the early 20th century and diplomatic relations between the countries are nearly as old as the Singaporean nation itself. Both Singapore and Sweden are small, smart, and export-oriented nations that champion free trade and cross-border trade.

Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest number of multinational corporations per capita and Singapore is one of the world’s most open and competitive economies, situated in an emerging region. New Swedish-Singaporean ties are being created on platforms that are fundamentally important for future success, such as research and development, innovation, and sustainability.



The SwedCham Team




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